Municipal Services

Mayor:  Robert A. Hundeby

Councillors:  Colleen Hoppenreys (Deputy Mayor), Blake Dorward, Joanne Brochu, Heidi Soggie

Chief Administrative Officer:  Yvonne Jess

Administrative Assistant:  Claudia Diederich

Village Foreman:  Joe Gumulcak


Council Appointments:

Infrastructure Committee - Rob Hundeby, Yvonne Jess, Joe Gumulcak

Museum Board - Heidi Soggie

EMO Committee - Heidi Soggie, Colleen Hoppenreys

Central Area Transportation Planninig Committee - Rob Hundeby, Heidi Soggie

Douglas/Danielson Park Advisory Group - Colleen Hoppenreys

WaterWolf - Joanne Brochu (board member)

Facilities Committee - Blake Dorward

Elbow Library Board - Blake Dorward

Maintenance Committee - Rob Hundeby, Blake Dorward, Yvonne Jess

Tuft's Bay Committee - Rob Hundeby, Colleen Hoppenreys, Yvonne Jess

Park Advisory Group - Colleen Hoppenreys

RCMP Community Consultative Committee - Colleen Hoppenreys


Governance and Accountability of Council: What you need to know