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Friday, June 03, 2016

If you can’t wait until your next utility bill from the Village to hear the news, and wish to know more now -  contact Braden Fast or anyone on the Elbow Facilities Committee and get “the scoop” about this golden opportunity, sooner rather than later!  If you want to improve opportunities at achieving a healthier lifestyle along with quality of life, not only for people here in Elbow, but all along Line 19, then call any member of the committee, Village Council, or the Village Office!

Get on board and call now!

Members of the Facilities Committee:  Braden Fast, Chairperson – 854-4610, Doug Wankel – 854-2076, Cheryl Book – 854-2164, Betty Hatzen – 860-7989, Deb Schlivert – 854-4749, Katherine Graham – 854-2224, Norma Johnson – 854-4512

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