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Exercise/Fitness Options offered this winter

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

I’m going to offer up opportunities for people to join in some exercise opportunities. Rather than tell them the time & day of choice, they can tell me. It may not work, but it's been proven that it's just too difficult to set up times that make everyone happy.

So if people have an idea what they'd like & when, they should simply give me a call at home. They should be reminded to try & hook up & get others involved as i won't do it for less than 6 people. There is no cost except for hall rental, either monthly or per session.

1-Back to basics “old style" Calisthenics. No equip. except a mat & a skipping rope (optional)

2-Circuit Training with weights - all equip. provided, but bring a speciality piece of fitness equip. if desired.

3-Weight training at the gym- proper & safe method when using free weights & universal cable unit in our Village Gym.

4-" Strong back; strong life " - Exercise movements focused specifically for entire core. Mat required & stretch bands/tubing only if you have!

5- “People with Arthritis Can Exercise”, known by acronym of P.A.C.E. which are slow gentle movements designed for all suffering from Arthritis. Will include Tai-chi for Arthritis as well.

6- " Just Stretch Please” - Program involving sustained stretch movements/positions. Benefit to all populations with focus on some common problem muscle groups like rotator cuff, hip extensors, calves & upper back. Mat required & your own tubing/bands or 3' hand weights.

7-"Snowshoeing on our Trail"- Once we get a good snow base, let's make use of this wonderful outdoor facility. This would take place as weather dictates & initiated by a simple phone call or text to one another. Naturally you need snowshoes & even hiking poles or X-Country ski poles would suffice ! For the more adventurous, let's even try some X-Country skiing, but better to build up over in Douglas Park on the flats, first !

8- "Beginner Ballroom” - This was our favourite activity back in Winnipeg. Anyone wanting to try it out or learn some basic steps to the common dances, give us a call ! We're not certified teachers , nor have ever attempted teaching ballroom , but we danced for over 7 years & still recall a few of the steps & patterns. Let's give it a try ! Wiling to start with just 1 other couple at the beginning ! Perhaps, in time , we could form our own small dance club & hold a dance or two.

Braden Fast – 306-854-4610

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