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Monday, April 09, 2018

Effective immediately PLASTIC FLIM is not recyclable in your blue cart. This includes grocery bags, sandwich bags, cling-wrap and any other stretchy plastics.

Plastic film/bags are still recyclable but not in your blue cart. Loraas recommends you return your grocery bags to the grocery store and switch to re-usable bags. Plastics Number-1 to Number-7 are still recyclable.

"China was a large buyer of the recycled plastic, but that changed late last year when the Chinese government banned 24 materials from the recycling list. One of those bans was on post-consumer plastic film, which is basically plastic bags. The rest of the world market was flooded with everyone else’s plastic bags, and as a result nobody will even take them anymore. Unfortunately,the bags have become an unrecyclable commodity at this point.”

Attached is a poster of what is allowed in your blue cart.

Also WISH RECYCLING - is not a trend, so please stop. Example-plastic straws.. Click the link for more information. Thank you.



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