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Armoring the Marina Point

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Allan Construction has been awarded the contract for the shoreline stabilization project at the marina point.  We have been told that rock hauling (by Wright Construction) will begin in the next few days.  It is estimated that 300+ loads of rock will come rolling through town over a 3 week period.  The route these trucks will take is along the Truck Route Road and Railway Avenue.  We have stressed to the contractors that they will be driving through a residential portion of the Village and speed limits and caution need to be adhered to.  Expect some additional traffic, dust, and noise as these trucks are hauling.

Armoring of the point should begin early in the New Year, when approximately another 50 truck loads of granular will be hauled in.

Please be aware of these trucks and drive with caution in and around this area over the next few weeks.

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