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Thank you Elbow - a message from Ian Hill, Let Them Be Kids; and a link to watch some of the interviews and video from Build Day

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

On behalf of the Let Them Be Kids organization, and the local Elbow playground committee, I would like thank you for helping with the outstanding effort on Saturday, May 12, Your community was absolutely amazing!

I had the good pleasure of coming to Elbow on the 28th of April, and had a wonderful time. Regrettably, I couldn’t be there on build day, but,  I have watched the archive of the live broadcast and it looked like everything went awesome (here is the link for you to watch some of the interviews and video from that day http://www.ltbk.ca/kids/index.php/community-archive/elbow)

Your local committee did an outstanding job and should be commended for the hours, days, weeks and months they spent on this project. They took time from their own families to make the community better. All of you should be very proud of what you have done as well, because you gave time, talent and many of you gave your treasure to make the community better for kids and families.

I would suggest that your collective efforts sent out a ripple of hope, that will affect your community for years to come, I encourage you to remember the spirit and sense the of community you felt that day  and draw upon that as you all work together to build a thriving community for the kids and families of today and for the generation to come.

I have attached a team picture for you to keep as both a thank you and also a reminder of what can happen when communities come together…

Again thank you and stay well, cheers

Ian Hill

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Let Them Be Kids

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