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2012 Citizen of the Year!

Friday, October 05, 2012


In an effort to acknowledge those people in our community who consistently go above and beyond in their efforts to make Elbow a vibrant, thriving and beautiful place to be, Council asked the citizens of Elbow to nominate someone that they believe is deserving of the “Citizen of the Year” title.

Many very worthy nominations were received – a great testament to the outstanding citizens Elbow has! A voting process took place from October 1st to the 4th and later that evening at the Annual Ratepayers Meeting, Deputy Mayor Deb Schlivert presented Sarah Wilm with the 2012 Citizen of the Year Award.

Sarah was instrumental in the Village’s new Community Park.  Her outstanding initiation and contributions towards researching the possibility of a new playground, from “just an idea” to the total community involvement and substantial contributions via “Let Them Be Kids” resulted in the Elbow Community Park we have today.  Her enthusiasm did not waiver; it increased and inspired many to become enthused and involved – from pledging to becoming more active in the “In Motion” challenge, to being one of the finalists vying for $10,000 award for our Community Park and encouraging everyone near and far to get online and vote, vote, vote . . . and then vote some more!  Sarah has been involved throughout the community – from being involved with the Service Club to taking charge of the swimming program.  Sarah doesn’t know how to say “no” when it comes to anything involving Elbow or the community.  She is the most positive, persevering, enthusiastic individual – encouraging us to all believe there is nothing we cannot do!

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