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Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medals

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

To commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s commitment and dedication over the past six decades, 60,000 Canadians are being awarded the Diamond Jubilee Medal in recognition of their outstanding contributions to Diamond-Jubilee-Medal-hr.jpgtheir communities and Canada.  And we have three of those citizens!

Senator Bob Peterson presented Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medals to Carol Patterson and David Cross on October 5th at a ceremony in Regina.  Then, on October 9th in Saskatoon, Lynne Yelich, MP for Blackstrap presented Sarah Wilm with her medal.

Dr. David Cornelius Cross— as past elementary school teacher and principal; chair of the advisory committee of the land use planning commission; and mayor, Cross understands the importance of strong infrastructure, good social programs, and healthy and prosperous communities. Cross continues to volunteer in his community and was instrumental in developing a new park and playground and in facilitating volunteer and community development programs.

Carol Patterson— honoured for her ongoing contributions to philanthropy and community service. Patterson is known in Elbow for her involvement with various local community projects, including the sod-house-rebuilding project; the arena renovation project; the civic centre accessibility project; as well as for her contributions to the Elbow community park and playground project. Patterson has served as a village councillor, First Responder, and in the Elbow Service Club, she continues to give back to the community.

Sarah Wilm– honoured for her unbelievable contribution to the Village of Elbow, tirelessly volunteering her time towards building a new community park & playground, generating immense community spirit and pride, volunteer support and donations.

Congratulations to all!

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