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3rd Annual Citizen of the Year Awarded!

Thursday, October 24, 2013


In an effort to acknowledge those people in our community who consistently go above and beyond in their efforts to make Elbow a vibrant, thriving and beautiful place to be, Council asked the citizens of Elbow to nominate someone that they believe is deserving of the “Citizen of the Year” title.

Many very worthy nominations were received – a great testament to the outstanding citizens Elbow has! A voting process took place from October 17th to the 23rd and later that evening at the Annual Ratepayers Meeting, Deputy Mayor Colleen Hoppenreys presented Isabella Parent with the 2013 Citizen of the Year Award.

Isabella is a hard-working, caring & concerned citizen of our village.  She has spent countless hours planning/organizing/coordinating “Friends of the Orchard” volunteers and fundraising efforts.  She calls and solicits/reminds people about work bees, organizes the work, arranges for the mulch and machinery to be there and invites the “clean-up” crew to her house for coffee and treats at the end!  As well, she has spent many hours working in the orchard.  Isabella is also an active member of Holy Redeemer Catholic Church.

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